AeroForce Inteceptor



The Mod:

Add two AeroForce Interceptor gauges to the dash.

What it does:

The stock gauges provide limited information to the driver. The AeroForce Interceptor gauge can provide the driver with a lot more information about the status of the vehicle.


Here is the dual gauge setup and the gauge pods that were purchased separately:

Some other parts I purchased for the installation:

A view of the stock dash area from the drivers perspective:

Find a good place for the cups by checking visibility while driving (hand(s) in the way?), and blocking view. Mark location with a pencil:

The dash top is easily removed (two screws on the lower portion and clips on the sides and top):

Based on the ledge where the dash top rests and the clips underneath the holes for the access for the wires could not be centered properly where the brackets were going to be located:

Shifted the brackets over a bit and installed with 4 screws and a grommet for the wire access hole:

I extended the screws on the back of the gauges, and drilled two holes in the back of the cups, and made a test fit using the two o-rings between the gauge and the hood and the hood and the cup:

I heat shrinked the ends of the power wire:

Ran the wires through the grommet and into the gauge cups:

Connected the wires to the gauges, removed the jumper:

All set in place:

Soldered the power wire to a light blue wire:

Run all wires in a loom:

Set in place in the Jeep, loosened the gauge pod and ran the loom behind it and down below it:

Set the assembly in place above the stock gauge pod:

Looks good so far:

I wanted to run power to the gauges that is switch when the ignition is turned on, so I spliced into the dark blue wire of my Auxiliary Electrical Infrastructure which is powered when the ignition is turned on:

All taped and protected and ready to be run:

Final connections made - the excess wire stored in a sock:

Turned on:

Checking out the display as regular (left) or inverted (right):

Nigh time:

Update. Occasionally the gauges wouldn't boot properly (infinite reboot cycle or boot and hang). Sent them back to AeroForce and they said the power supply isn't clean enough, so I purchased this:

After updating the wiring to fit in line:

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