Sunrise Desktop is a PC based software package that, once configured, makes it a snap to grab any Web page or graphic, and prepare it to be Hot Synced with your Palm.

After downloading and installing Sunrise Desktop (use the full install), make the following initial configuration settings.

Quick Document Properties - Main

The Quick Document Properties Page is used to control how Web pages are saved when using the "right click" Send to Sunrise menu in the Internet Explorer. The Link Depth in the Main Tab is set to 0 so only the displayed Web page is saved (there's no need to follow any links and save more Web pages).

Quick Document Properties - Output

The Output Tab identifies the configuration of the Web page you save.

Default Properties - Output

The Default Properties Page is used to control how files are saved. The Output Tab identifies the configuration of the file you save. Note that the Images/Maximum Size properties is greater than the Quick settings so images like Google Maps can be saved properly.

Send a Web Page to Sunrise Desktop

Now that Sunrise Desktop has its initial configuration you can send a Web Page to it. First, you havve to start Sunrise Desktop (you can't send a Web Page to it unless it is running). Next, before you send a cache page to Sunrise Desktop you should Decrypt any "Additional Hints" and select "View them all on one page". Now you can right click on the Web Page and select "Send to Sunrise".

When you send the file to Sunrise Desktop it will appear in the Document/URL section. You need to drag and drop it into the Upper default.sdl section.

Here's Sunrise Desktop with a number of caches and benchmarks saved.

Additional Configuration - Source Settings

The Source Settings Page is activated by selecting the Right Click menu on a file that is in the default.sdl section and selecting Properties.

Then click the "..." button in the Source Section.

In order to see the entire cache page you need to be logged into the site. To log into the site you need a Form Login.

A Form Login is created by selecting Edit... and configuring the Dialog Box with your account information.

Refresh a Web Page in Sunrise Desktop

Once you have a Web Page configured you can right click on it, select Update and it will refresh the data and prepare it to be synchronized with your Palm.

Save a Google Map Page to Sunrise Desktop

You can save a Google Map to your Palm by converting the Map to a .jpg file then saving the .jpg file to your Palm. First, create a map with Google Map.

Next, Paste the page into Paintbrush with Google Map Window selected hit Shift-Ctrl-Alt-PrtScn and Past into Paintbrush.

Next, cut the map down to what you want to see in your palm and save it as a .jpg file.

Now you want to take the map.jpg file and pull it into Sunrise Desktop. Right click on the background and select New.

Enter a Name for the Map, and select the Source "..." button.

Select your map.jpg file.

You will now see your maps listed with your cache pages.


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Last Modified: March 11, 2006 02:54:03 PM